About FLY

A little bit about me: Tonya...and Fly Boutique 🖤

I have had a love for clothing for as long as I can remember.  When I was young I used to hang my clothes up in our TV room and get my poor brother to pretend to buy them from me! In my teens, shopping on Saturdays was what my mum and I did and I was forever negotiating with my dad to split the cost of clothes and shoes with me 🤣 

I grew up in the UK which meant that I had access to gorgeous, current fashion always! I went to university to do a business degree as I knew that I wanted to do something 'businessey'...but I had no idea what that was.

I went to university in Glasgow, Scotland and it was there that my love for fashion really grew.  This super cool, edgy city really got me!  I decided to jump into retail because.... well I loved to shop so much!  I finished my degree, worked in retail in Scotland and London and got myself a postgraduate in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from London College of Fashion.

I worked an entry level buying position but I was impatient and had big dreams of owning my own 'thing'! Fast forward a few years...... 

I started Fly Boutique in 2005 as a mens clothing boutique believe it or not...but after a pause for a few years, I transitioned and it has been solely a ladies clothing boutique since 2015.

My mission is to take the guess work out of getting dressed, to provide gorgeous, versatile pieces that you can mix and match with existing pieces in your wardrobe.

I know that the way that you dress directly affects your confidence and so it is my goal to help you find the perfect styles and fit that make you feel most like yourself, help you to express yourself and feel your most confident! 

Fly Boutique is known for effortless style, comfort and quality.  Our FLY ladies look to stand out through chic, polished, effortless looks.

Welcome to the clan, I'm so glad you're here!



Founder at Fly Boutique






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