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We should all have some solid key basics in our closet, honestly, if nothing else but to make getting dressed every day just a little bit simpler! Pieces that suit your style and go with a lot.  I have heard so many women say that they don’t know their style. If you are not sure what your personal style is, have a dig around in your closet and pull out your top 10 pieces that you always find yourself in. Your go-to’s that are on weekly rotation and ask yourself why you gravitate towards them.
My go-to pieces are generally comfortable, flattering and versatile.  I live in white t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, jeans, shorts and blazers (if I can handle the heat!). I may admire many styles on other people but every time I put similar pieces on, I just don’t feel like myself. Wearing clothes that don’t make you feel like yourself or don't suit your body type can have you fussing a lot, feeling uncomfortable or irritated. No bueno!!!
Comfort is a major determining factor in my daily wardrobe choices but that doesn't have to mean sacrificing great style. You can put your own twist on anything. I love to dress up simple tanks and denim with chunky rings and bold jewelry.
Try to build your wardrobe with versatile pieces that make you feel your best.  Think about how you feel when you love something that you put on, it changes your whole mood, how you present yourself and your confidence. I feel the most confident and beautiful when I am not fussing.
These pieces below should serve as a great starting point, something to build from, whether you feel the need to start from scratch or are just looking to update whats already on heavy rotation.
Some Key Basics that we @flyboutiquett LOVE!!
BUTTON UP SHIRTS - These look great on everyone and can be styled with so many bottom pieces. Jeans, pants, skirts, shorts - tucked in, half tucked,out or knotted.  A shirt as a swimwear coverup is also such a cute option. A great shirt can be a key piece in a casual look, styled with causal bottoms and also a great work look paired with a more formal pant or skirt.  
Remember to give some thought to your go-to's and why you like them. If comfort is crucial for example, then depending on where you live, make sure the shirt won't be too heavy or too light for the climate. A shirt that's too heavy for me here in Trinidad will have me hot and irritable all day!  The fabrics I choose will be light and cool.
JEANS - A great pair of flattering jeans is essential! You can dress them up or keep them casual and with all the different cuts available out there, you are sure to find a pair that works for you. 

Relaxed, skinny, straight, flare, wide leg, high rise, mid rise. A classic skinny is a favorite of many but definitely do not choose a cut because it is 'on trend' if it is not right for your body type. Here are some great denim styling ideas.
SIMPLE T-SHIRTS OR TANK TOPS - These are great alone or as layering pieces.  Try to choose better quality here so to keep a casual look still chic and polished.

Styled with pretty much any bottom piece, it's easy to see why these should be key staples.  Sticking with neutral colours is always safe, but don't be afraid to play with some colour here, especially if the rest of the outfit is simple.  Add your personal touch with layered necklaces, jewelry and accessories.


SHORTS - We live in summer all year round here in Trinidad & Tobago so if you are in heat and humidity often, a great pair of shorts is crucial for your closet. Shorts don't have to be casual or denim!!  You can wear more tailored shorts that are not overly dressy to still look put together and not like you are heading to the beach!  Shorts can worn with a button up shirt or blouse, a tank top, a blazer and some flats or sandals for a day look or be dressed up for drinks or dinner with a dressier top, some heels and some added accessories.  This pair has me swooning as I can imagine a thousands causal and dressy ways to style her : ) 
BLAZERS or VESTS - A blazer or vest is a great layering piece and honestly looks great on everyone. You just need to choose the right style - A good length for your height and shape for your body type!  A statement blazer can elevate a casual tank top and jeans and pull together a dinner look.
Thanks for stopping by! I will be writing more.
xx, Tonya

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  • Carla Abigale is absolutely set apart… The styles available are magnificent with unique selections, that are truly timeless and for sure a must have for TT fashion forward women. So glad to have discovered you guys :) the material is always so comfy, and the statement styles are indeed impressive. Easy online shopping and seamless delivery not to mention Tonya’s stellar warmth and topnotch customer service. #lovemyflyboutiquecollection #fullyrecommend
    xoxo @ChefCarlaAbigale

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